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Watts, Kit
Adventist Women & Ordination:
Camp Mohaven to the New Millennium, 1973-2003

In 1973 a General Conference study commission of women and men proposed
that women be ordained. They expected this suggestion to be implemented with
a year of two. Over the next 30 years the issue of women’s ordination followed a
zigzag course. Interviews with the main players, stories of little known events, and
a helpful list of the publications that swirled around this issue. The well known
events and the hidden history help us better understand today’s events. The book
gives helpful outlines and lists. The videotape gives interviews.
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Hanks Harwood, Ginger
Celebrating Adventists’ First Lady: Ellen G. White!

Meet Ellen White—the visionary co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
(1827-1915) in person! What were her views about women taking church leadership
roles? About women in the pulpit? About paying a woman for her work—even if she
didn’t ask for it? Dr. Ginger Hanks Harwood, well acquainted with Adventist history
and the writings of Ellen G. White, dramatizes Ellen White, and speaks of her life and
views on women. Also included is an interview with Ellen White’s great-great-great
granddaughter, Keri Kubrock, a La Sierra University pre-dental hygiene student.
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Lockwood, Sunny M.
Women in Prison: Ministry Handbook

(Published by the General Conference ministerial Association with the La Sierra University
Women’s Resource Center through the generous support of J. A. Thomas & Associates, Inc.,
Atlanta, Georgia) “I was in prison—and you visited me.” Jesus says that his true followers
care about people that others forget—including prisoners. Among the most neglected and
forgotten of prisoners are women. Most women prisoners have been abused and exploited.
Most have children. Most prison ministries are geared to men. This important handbook
will help you meet women’s special needs with its step-by-step guide.
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Women’s Resource Center
Toppling Walls: Courageous 20th Century
Adventist Women Who Transcended Barriers

If you are looking for a presentation featuring Adventist women that could be 5 minutes or
75 minutes, Toppling Walls will meet your needs. Narrative introduction and first-person
speeches for 11 outstanding Adventist woman and a young girl reveal the aspirations and
achievements of those Adventist women who became preachers, teachers, missionaries,
Bible workers, physicians, and advocates for women’s equality.
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