Beardsley, Lisa, moderator:

Profiles and Soundbytes:

Women Leaders Share Their Journey

Panelists share obstacles, faith, role models, and laughter:

Donna Galuzzo, Donna Carlson, Joyce Hopp, Marita Phillips-

Thornburgh, and Ruth Liu.

Beardsley: Profiles-Leadership  Audiotape-$5 + postage


Christian, Margaret

The Leader Is a Poet:

The Humanities and Leadership

Christian sketches the historical roots and neuropsychological

benefits of the “humane letters” as they relate to leadership

and explores ways the humanities can enhance leadership.

Christian: Poet                           Audiotape-$5 + postage;

                                                or CD-$5 + postage


Foll, Alyssa

In the Cave:

Between Anointing and Appointing

A sermon given at the first annual Young Women & the Word Conference.

Foll: Cave                                   CD-$5 + postage

Gibson, Ann

Personal Finance for Women:

Business 101 in the 21st Century

This seminar does not predict the stock market, but it does

provide basic personal financial benchmarks and tips to help

one work toward a solid financial future.

Gibson: Finance                                   Audiotape-$5 + postage


Gibson, Ann

The Effective Board Member:  

Understanding Financial Statements and Budgets

New board vacancies are now open to women and minorities.

Gibson addresses what all board members must understand

to fulfill their fiduciary tasks—financial statements and budgets.

Gibson: Board                          Audiotape-$5 + postage


Greig, Stella

Women Elders

Greig, professor of English at Andrews University, presents

“Visiting members”(Halcyon Wilson), “Giving the main prayer”

(Penny Shell), and a panel of church elders: Georgia Hodgkin,

Kay Khoo, and Margie Yanez.

Greig: Elders                            Audiotap-$5 + postage



Haloviak, Kendra

The Battle for Mary Magdalene:

Women Leaders & Christian Tradition

Haloviak compares Mary Magdalene of popular culture with

Mary Magdalene of the gospel accounts.  She finds in Mary

a model for Christian women. 

Haloviak: Mary                         Audiotape-$5+ postage;

                                                or CD-$5+ postage


Roberts, Sandy

Leading from the Dance:

Spirit-centered Leadership

As women in leadership, we can choose to lead from an ongoing

dance with the Spirit of God.  What could be different if we always

chose to be the people of God before doing the work of God?

Roberts: Dance                         Audiotape-$5 + postage;

                                                 or CD-$5 + postage


Testerman, Nancy & Rose Vyhmeister Hill

Believe Me When I Tell You: Speaking

with Confidence; the Rewards of Journaling

Testerman presents communicating with power, and Hill discusses

journaling as a way to reconnect with needs, choices, goals, and

emotional reactions.

Testerman: Believe                               Audiotape-$5 + postage

or CD-$5 + postage


Wang-Cheng, Rebekah

Help, I’m in Menopause!

To be at our best, we need to feel well and do what we can to

attain and maintain health.  This can be a major challenge

during the menopausal years!  The most up-to-date evidence

and controversies about treatment

are discussed.

Wang-Cheng: Help                   Audiotape-$5 + postage;

or CD-$5 + postage


Wysong, Linda

Women in Leadership for Change:

The Transformational Link

Wysong explores leadership qualities required for organizational

change, the transformational behaviors women can contribute

toward this change and research that addresses why/how

change happens.

Wysong: Link                           Audiotape-$5 + postage



Other leadership audiotapes from WRC:


Thomas, Judith A.

Legacy in Leadership:

Mentoring the Next Generation

With savvy and good humor, Judith A. Thomas, Chief

Servant of J. A. Thomas & Associates, shares secrets

of success in the workplace with an emphasis on ways

Christians can help others be successful.

Thomas: Legacy                         2-Audiotape set $10 + postage



Williams, Hyveth

Cutting Her Own Swath:

Leadership Styles for Women

Senior pastor of the Campus Hill Church, Loma Linda,

California, Williams recommends a theory of leadership

 that benefits both men and women.

Williams: Styles                                   Audiotape-$5 + postage